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Rental Generators / Equipment

Motion-Picture Quiet Generators

500 Amp
1000 Amp
1200 Amp
1400 Amp
2400 Amp
3000 Amp
“BRUMBY” 7-Ton 4×4 Truck Mounted
Top-Kick 5500 4×4 Truck Mounted
Single Plant Production Units (1000 amp)
Twin Plant Production Units (1400 amp)

Ultra-Silent Generators

25 kVa
45 kVa
70 kVa
85 kVa
180 kVa
220 kVa

**Upon request sound attenuated units up to 2000kW are quickly available.

Power Distribution

Transformers (Buck & Boost / Isolation)
Transfer Switches (100AMP – 400AMP)
DC Rectifier (1000AMP)
Base Camp Packages (Edison / RV)
Scissor Arcs (SFX Applications)
RV Lot Packages
Vendor Booth Power Setups
Concert Stage / Lighting Power

We can also custom fabricate solutions for ANY application, and under short notice.

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