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Gen-Set Repowering

As of January 1, 2010 the state of California has enacted a series of regulations that will make it illegal to operate diesel engines produced prior to 1996 that are more than 50 HP.

The net effect of this is that many generators in California will become unusable. A large portion of the rental fleet here in the Los Angeles area fits this profile.

If you are a generator owner, SMS can help you. We are experts in rebuilding and refurbishing your generator to meet the most stringent current environmental regulations. And, as an OEM Cummins engine dealer, SMS can offer you a wide range of the finest diesel engine systems on the market.

From a basic re-power to allow continued operation of your unit, up to a complete rebuild with body and paint work, SMS will handle it, quickly, and with high quality.

Schedule an appointment today to come in and see some of our re-power jobs in progress, and judge for yourself.

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